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Maximize NOI, tenant & CAM savings, while leveraging tax credits to pay for the energy system.

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Owners and property managers of multifamily and affordable housing properties face several challenges in todays market. This includes rising energy costs, meeting energy efficiency standards, and providing amenities that attract and retain tenants while keeping operating expenses under control. Implementing solar energy systems, EV chargers, and covered solar structures can help address these challenges in several ways. Installing solar panels on the roof or carport can help reduce energy costs for the property. This can be especially important for affordable housing properties where residents may have limited incomes and be more sensitive to rising utility costs. Properties with renewable energy may be more attractive to potential buyers and investors, leading to increased property values over time. Overall, implementing solar energy systems, EV chargers, and carport solar can help property owners and managers reduce operating expenses, meet energy efficiency standards, attract and retain tenants, and increase property value.

Reduce Energy Costs To Attract & Retain Tenants

Unlock Additional Revenue With NOI, CAM & Energy Savings

Leverage Tax Credits, Incentives, Federal & State Funding

Meet Energy Efficiency Standards, Sustainability & ESG Goals

BPi handles your asset class

We take unused portions of your property and generate revenue.

There are various types of multifamily apartments, which can differ in their design, amenities, size, and target market. We understand how every multifamily property is different. BPi makes solar simple by tailoring our energy system to fit your property’s requirements and needs. The design and layout of the renewable energy system a multifamily property can vary significantly depending on its location, target market, and other factors. Here are some of the most common types of multifamily apartments:

Protect your business from volatile utility costs & Power Outages

Renewable energy empowers you to grow your business.

At BPi, we specialize in providing solar energy solutions, covered solar structures, EV chargers, battery energy storage, and backup generators for multifamily and affordable housing properties. Our solutions help to reduce energy costs, minimize common area maintenance (CAM) expenses, and provide numerous benefits for both property owners and tenants. Your real estate has a direct impact on the environment. Anything that you can do to reduce that impact is important to you, your property, stakeholders, and the community around you. In addition to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, BPi provides the resources to meet your sustainability goals. Purchasing or leasing your roof space, storage canopy’s and parking lots to solar developers like BPi and it’s partners allows you to take an unused portion of your multifamily property and generate a new source of revenue from it. Your apartments have an impact on the environment, so why not make it a positive one. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are essential for corporate buyers for meeting sustainability targets and special green certifications. For project developers, renewable energy credits generate additional revenue for each MWh produced. Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) offer cash-in-hand for your properties.

Significant ROI & Financial Incentives

There is more then one way to cover the cost of energy

Up to 50% of the Cost Paid with Tax Credits & Incentives

There are several tax credits & incentives available to you to offset the cost by up to 50% when adding renewable energy to your property. You also may have the option to sell the tax credits depending on your tax position.

Electric Bill Energy Savings & Energy Credits

Hedge against utility annual rate hikes. Whether you have a large electric bill you would like to offset or to increase operating income we can help. With net energy metering (NEM) you can be be paid for any excess energy.

Measurable Environmental Offset & Advance ESG Goals

It’s more than solar. Advance ESG with a focus on bottom-line results and create value the stakeholders all across the business. BPi creates tangible value towards your environmental, social and governance targets.

Tailored Renewable Energy System Pays for Itself in 1-4 Years

Solar and energy is an investment in your future. BPi offers several financing options that allow clients to pick a scenario that best suits their financial needs and goals. A typical energy system pays for itself in 1 to 4 years.

Up to 40% IRR, Increase Cash flow & Property Value Over Time

Adding renewable energy to your property has the potential for millions in additional revenue to reinvest in your operation. A typical solar system can receive up to 40% IRR over time.

Access & Support to Finance Entire Project

An investment in energy is a financial asset. BPi offers several financing options that include, cash purchase, loan option, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and the financial feasibility modeling to yield highest ROI. 

Renewable Solutions We Provide

We build & manage your projects from start to finish.

BPi provides a full-suite of in-house design, engineering, and general contracting services. We manage your solar and renewable energy projects from start to finish, and guide you through the process. We are committed to helping multifamily and affordable housing properties maximize their NOI, reduce energy costs, and provide sustainable energy solutions for their tenants. Our team of experts can help you design and implement customized solutions that meet the specific needs of your property.

Solar & Roofing

Installing solar on the roof can help reduce energy costs for the property. This can be especially important for affordable housing properties where residents may have limited incomes and be more sensitive to rising utility costs.

Solar Structures

Solar structures, offer a practical solution for reducing energy costs and provide additional benefits for tenants. Generate energy, increase property value, provide shade and protection for tenants’ vehicles, and advance sustainability goals. 

battery energy storage system installed near the wall of a commercial building.

Battery Systems

Battery energy storage systems can be used to store excess solar energy generated during the day and then use it during peak demand hours when energy prices are higher. This can help to reduce energy costs for the property and ultimately lower the cost of living for tenants.
Generator generator made by Generac placed near a commercial and industrial facility.

Backup Power

Backup power ensures that your property has access to reliable power during outages. Especially for affordable housing properties where tenants may have limited resources to cope with an extended power outage.
Electric vehicle EV car charger and charging station.

EV Chargers

Offering EV charging stations can be a significant selling point for those with EV’s and environmentally-conscious tenants who prioritize sustainability when looking for a multifiamly aparment.

Federal Solar Tax Credits for Businesses Available

30% tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal tax credit claimed against the tax liability of commercial investor’s property for investing in solar and energy. This tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the income taxes your company would otherwise pay the federal government. The ITC is based on the amount of investment in solar property. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 (H.R. 5376), was signed into law on August 16th 2022 and aims to significantly lower energy costs for Americans and provides very attractive financial incentives for renewable energy to all sectors of the economy. The expansion and additional tax incentives makes the conversion to renewable energy significantly more enticing to property owners and managers. The US Federal Government is now offering a 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for the installation of a commercial solar system. This is a 15% increase from the previous 26% tax credit. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will remain in place for the next 10 years through 2032.

  • The investment tax credit (ITC) reduces the federal income tax liability for a percentage of the cost of a solar system that is installed during the tax year.
  • The production tax credit (PTC) is a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit for electricity generated by solar and other qualifying technologies within 10 years of a system’s commission and operation. This reduces the federal income tax liability and is adjusted annually for inflation.
Your property may also qualify for additional Federal ITC add-ons, State funded programs, local incentives and asset depreciation tax deductions (Bonus and Accelerated Depreciation). BPi will guide you through the process and provide the consulting and financial modeling to reflect what your solar and energy system will yield. We design the energy system to meet your financial and sustainability goals.

Environmental Benefits & Requirements

Reduce your facility's carbon footprint.

Traditional electricity received from the power grid can generated by burning fossil fuels. This process releases harmful pollutants that lead to significant health and environmental impacts. Some multifamily apartments may be required by State, Federal and Local municipalities to install renewable energy on the property. It’s estimated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that electricity usage creates the second-largest segment of greenhouse gas emissions, which causes significant impacts to the climate. Solar power is a clean energy alternative that reduces your impact. Installing solar and renewable energy on your multifamily property demonstrates corporate, social, and environmental responsibility that drastically lowers your carbon footprint.

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