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Solar & energy financing options for commercial property owners.

We understand that the cost of installing solar and other clean energy systems can be a significant investment, but there are various financing options available to make this process more accessible and affordable. At BPi we understand that every commercial property is unique, and we offer customized financing solutions to meet your specific needs. As a commercial property owner, investing in solar and other clean energy solutions can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also significantly reduce your energy costs and improve your bottom line. Let’s explore the different solar and energy financing options available to commercial property owners.

BPi provides full-service financial modeling to yield the highest ROI and feasibility

Cash Purchase for solar & energy

Going green, made easy.

We understand that paying cash upfront for solar and other clean energy solutions may not be feasible for every commercial property owner. However, if you have the resources to do so, paying cash can offer significant benefits and a strong return on investment. Paying cash upfront for solar and clean energy solutions has significant benefits for commercial property owners. It offers immediate return on investment, increases property value, provides tax incentives, and gives full control over maintenance costs. Contact us to learn more about our cash solutions for clean energy.

Loan options available to find the perfect payment plan

Straightforward solar and energy financing.

While paying cash upfront for solar and energy solutions offers immediate returns on investment, taking out a loan can make it more accessible and affordable for commercial property owners to add clean energy. Taking a loan for solar and energy solutions offers low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and immediate savings on energy bills. It helps reduce your carbon footprint and BPi offers customized loan options for your commercial property. Contact us to learn more about our solar and energy loan options.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Financing Options

Empower your business with a PPA.

With a PPA, there are no upfront costs to install solar panels or other clean energy solutions on your commercial property. This makes it more accessible and affordable for commercial property owners who may not have the resources to pay for a solar system upfront. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) lets a third-party solar provider install and operate a solar system on your commercial property. You purchase the energy produced at a fixed rate, protecting you from rising energy costs, and the provider handles maintenance and repairs. BPi and our strategic energy partners offer customized PPA options with fixed energy prices and minimal maintenance costs. Contact us to learn more about our PPA options for clean energy.

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Renewable energy empowers you to grow your business.

Deciding Factors Cash Purchase Loan Options Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Upfront Cost Full Cost Full Cost $0.00
Asset Owner Client Client 3rd Party
Tax Credits & Depreciation Client Client 3rd Party
Operation & Maintenance Client's Choice Client's Choice BPi
Term Up to 35 Years Up to 35 Years 20 to 25 Years

Significant ROI & Financial Incentives

There is more then one way to cover the cost of energy

Up to 50% of the Cost Paid with Tax Credits & Incentives (ITC)

You may qualify several tax credits & incentives available to you to offset the cost by up to 50% when adding renewable energy to your property. You also may have the option to sell the tax credits depending on your tax position. Final guidelines and rules to be determined by the IRS.

Electric Bill Energy Savings & Energy Credits

Hedge against utility annual rate hikes. Whether you have a large electric bill you would like to offset,  increase operating income or sell your energy back into the grid, BPi can help. With grid energy metering  you can be be paid for any excess energy you produce.

Measurable Environmental Offset & Advance ESG Goals

It’s more than solar. We enable you to meet your sustainability goals. Advance ESG with a focus on bottom-line results and create value the stakeholders all across the business. BPi creates tangible value towards your environmental, social and governance targets.

Tailored Renewable Energy System Pays for Itself in 1-4 Years

Solar and energy is an investment in your future. BPi offers several financing options that allow clients to pick a scenario that best suits their financial needs and goals. A typical energy system pays for itself in 1 to 4 years.

Up to 40% IRR, Increase Cash flow & Property Value Over Time

Adding renewable energy to your property has the potential for millions in additional revenue to reinvest in your operation, equipment and property. A typical solar system can receive up to 40% IRR over time.

Access & Support to Finance Entire Project

An investment in energy is a financial asset. BPi offers several financing options that include, cash purchase, loan option, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and the financial feasibility modeling to yield highest ROI. 

Federal Solar Tax Credits for Businesses Available

30% tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act for commercial solar

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal tax credit that reduces the income taxes commercial investors pay for investing in solar and energy. The recent Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 has increased the ITC for commercial solar installation to 30%, lasting until 2032. The ITC can also be combined with other incentives, such as the production tax credit (PTC), state-funded programs, local incentives, and asset depreciation tax deductions. BPi can help guide you through the process and design an energy system to meet your financial and sustainability goals. BPi will guide you through the process and provide the consulting and financial modeling to reflect what your solar and energy system will yield. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 (H.R. 5376), was signed into law on August 16th 2022.

Leverage the Inflation Reduction Act to install solar on your property

Environmental Benefits & Requirements

Reduce your facility's carbon footprint.

Traditional electricity received from the power grid can generated by burning fossil fuels. This process releases harmful pollutants that lead to significant health and environmental impacts. Some facilities may be required by State, Federal and Local municipalities to install renewable energy on the property. It’s estimated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that electricity usage creates the second-largest segment of greenhouse gas emissions, which causes significant impacts to the climate. Solar power is a clean energy alternative that reduces your impact. Installing solar and renewable energy on your industrial or manufacturing facility demonstrates corporate, social, and environmental responsibility that drastically lowers your carbon footprint.

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