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Dakota Shy Winery

Press Release: Dakota Shy Winery Celebrates New Renewable Energy System

Another Renewable Energy Project Powered by BPi

St. Helena, CA, January 18, 2021: Dakota Shy Winery is excited to celebrate a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to sustainability with the implementation of a 56.09 kW rooftop solar system. BPi enabled Dakota Shy Winery to offset energy usage by 48% and produce over 76,161 kWh per year with only 142 solar panels. This installation has been operational since January 18, 2021, and plays a pivotal role in Dakota Shy’s goal to harvest and produce wine that is powered by renewable energy. Alongside the rooftop solar system, BPi installed a backup power system with a 45 kW commercial backup generator. Dakota Shy will be able to mitigate the risk of power outages and keep operations running smoothly. Dakota Shy is now on the path to sustainable winemaking by incorporating this renewable energy system into their winery. This will lead to significant cost savings, improved sustainability, and enhanced resiliency.

Features and benefits of this PV System include:

  • Commission Date: January 18, 2021
  • Industry: Winery
  • Energy System: Rooftop Solar & Backup Generator
  • System Size: 56.09 kW (DC)
  • Energy Production: 76,161 kWh/Year ±
  • Energy Offset: 48%
  • Solar Modules: 142 Panels

The system was substantially completed, the grid interconnected, and producing energy on January 18, 2021. For more information on rooftop solar, solar structures, and all additional renewable energy solutions, please visit BPi’s website,, or contact BPi by email, at

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BPi is a full-service energy contractor that equips properties with renewable energy systems and provides general contracting services to manage it all. BPi’s turn-key solutions unlock untapped potential by creating energy solutions for entities of any size and type. Delivered and maintained nationwide.

About Dakota Shy Winery:

Dakota Shy grew out of the passion that friends and colleagues, Todd Newman and Tom Garrett, have for the wines, history and vineyards of Napa Valley. From carefully selected vineyards, produced in very small quantities and artfully crafted to reflect a sense of place, Dakota Shy wines are a testament to Napa Valley’s reputation for producing the greatest Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines in the world.

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