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Press Release: Raymond Vineyards Unveils Major Solar Initiative Converting to 100% Solar Energy

Another Renewable Energy Project Powered by BPi

St. Helena, CA, May 23, 2013: Raymond Vineyards is excited to announce a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to sustainability with the implementation of a 750 kW rooftop solar system. BPi enabled Raymond Vineyards to offset energy usage by 100% and produce over 1,171,519 kWh per year. Since joining the Boisset Collection in 2009, Raymond Vineyards has become one of Napa Valley’s leading fine wine producers and the largest certified organic and certified Biodynamic estate that has converted 100% to renewable energy. This installation has been operational since May 23, 2013, and plays a pivotal role in Raymond Vineyard’s goal to harvest and produce wine that is 100% powered by renewable energy.

“BPi has dramatically cut utility costs at several of our wineries.” Said Lisa Heisinger CEO of the Boisett Collection, “We are so excited to be able to help the environment with this energy-efficient solution.”

This solar array seamlessly integrates into the rooftop of their winemaking facility. BPi and it’s partners installed a system for each unique roof type. The rooftop solar system was selected because the buildings on the property varied from asphalt shingle roofed tasting rooms to metal roofed production/bottling facilities. Over 50,000 square feet of roof space was converted into solar energy.

Features and benefits of this PV System include:

  • Commission Date: May 23, 2013

  • Energy System: Rooftop Solar 
  • System Size: 750 kW (DC) 
  • Energy Production: 1,171,519 kWh/Year 
  • Energy Offset: 100%
  • Solar Modules: 3,123 Panels

The system was substantially completed, the grid interconnected, and producing energy on May 23, 2013. For more information on rooftop solar, solar structures, and all additional renewable energy solutions, please visit BPi’s website,, or contact BPi by email, at

About BPi ​

BPi is a full-service energy contractor that equips properties with renewable energy systems and provides general contracting services to manage it all. BPi’s turn-key solutions unlock untapped potential by creating energy solutions for entities of any size and type. Delivered and maintained nationwide.

About Raymond Vineyards​

Raymond Vineyards, founded in 1970, comprises a 200-acre estate in Rutherford and St. Helena. Five generations of the Raymond family created a Napa icon, with an enduring reputation for elegant wines with a beautiful balance of finesse, power, and complexity. Today, guided by the vision of Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset, Raymond Vineyards is one of the wine world’s most dynamic winery destinations. Highly ranked wines are crafted by Winemaker Stephanie Putnam and Consulting Winemaker Phillipe Melka from Raymond’s certified organic and Biodynamic® estate vineyards and select long-term vineyard partners. The winery’s guest experiences unite education, passion, and entertainment, offering diverse opportunities to explore wine. The solar-powered winery is certified organic by CCOF, Demeter Biodynamic, Napa Green, Fish Friendly Farming, and California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. To learn more, please visit the Raymond Vineyards website.

About Boisset Collection:

Boisset is a family-owned collection of historic and unique wineries bound together by a common cause: authentic, terroir-driven wines in harmony with their history, their future, and the land and people essential to their existence. With more than twenty-five historical and prestigious wineries in the world’s preeminent terroirs, including the Côte d’Or, Beaujolais, Rhône Valley, California’s Russian River Valley, and the Napa Valley, each house retains its unique history, identity, and style, and all are united in the pursuit of fine wines expressive of their terroir. To learn more about the Boisset Collection, please visit our website.