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Press Release: BPi Empowers LA Apartment to Offset Energy by Over 88% & Increase NOI by $51,222 Per Year.

Another Renewable Energy Project Powered by BPi

Napa, CA: BPi announced the completion of a 395 kW (DC) photovoltaic solar structure energy system for one of Clear Capital properties, the Tuscany Villas, located in West Covina, California at 1935 East Garvey Ave North, West Covina, CA 91791. BPi designed, engineered, and installed this renewable energy solar structure system. The energy production of 651,065 kWh/Year will have a 88% projected energy offset for any energy used by tenants, amenities, common areas and other essential electrical loads used. This energy systems offers an innovative solution for the property owners at Clear Capital to diversify what this property can produce.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Clear Capital to bring this cutting-edge solar system to Tuscany Villas,” said Claire Hobday, CEO of BPi. “This project is a testament to our commitment to creating renewable solutions that enhance property value, tenant satisfaction and reduce the environmental impact.”

Features and benefits of this PV System includes:

  • System Type: Solar Structures
  • System Size: 395 kW (DC)
  • Energy Offset: 88%
  • Energy Production: 651,065 kWh/Year
  • Increase To NOI: $51,222/Year ±
  • Common Area Savings: $18,802/Year ±
  • Increase To Property Value: $853,700 ±
  • Tax Credits & Depreciation: $913,000 ±

System substantially completed, grid interconnected, and producing energy on June 14, 2022. For more information on rooftop solar, solar structures and all additional renewable energy solutions, please visit BPi’s website, or contact BPi by email,

About BPi: BPi is a full-service energy contractor that equips properties with renewable energy systems and provides the general contracting services to manage it all. BPi’s turn-key solutions unlock untapped potential through creating energy solutions for entities of any size and type. Delivered and maintained nationwide. Our Billing Partner, GoGetIt offers comprehensive utility management, including a proprietary solar billing solution, enabling multifamily property owners to unlock the full potential of renewable energy solutions and maximizing solar energy-related profits and ROI.